Tennis businesses help student athletes land a great athletic scholarship. It is part of their duty to help the student find a program that suits their financial needs and also fosters their skills as an athlete. Student athletes can prepare for the recruitment season by doing the following:

  • Create a game and highlight tape – Make a compilation film composed of two to three games where you performed very well. This is the tape you will be sending out to colleges. Start taping during your junior or sophomore years and also include footages from your senior year.
  • Build an athletic recruiting resume – Create a resume that highlights your accomplishments as an athlete. Include as well your statistics and interests. Think of your resume as what you would make if you were applying for a job. Make sure it puts you in a very good light so they recruit you.
  • Send in your official transcripts – Schools don’t just look into your performance as an athlete. Now more than ever, academics and grades are very important. You need to prove to them that you will not be a problem in terms of meeting scholastic requirements.

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